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Congregation of Yahweh, Jerusalem

P.O. Box 832
Carteret, NJ 07008

      It is one of the most exciting experiences you will have in your life, to be blessed to spend a feast in Israel and take a pilgrimage of the land.  After reading the Holy Scriptures for so many years, to be able to see it all with your own eyes, will be a life changing experience.  We are trying to truly encourage representatives from all over the world to come and experience this rare blessing, and represent their given nation as Zech 14:16 states.  After spending the feast in Jerusalem, you will never want to spend it anywhere else.

      Our tour guide, Micha Ashkenazie, is a seventh generation Jew of the land, and has a PhD. in both history and archaeology.  Let me tell you there is truly no better in all the land of Israel. You can check out Micha and out tour itinerary at   It is truly like being at school for a week.  What you can learn from Micha would take many years on your own.

      We will see many archaeological wonders including the Red Sea crossing site in Egypt, where 14th century b.c. chariot wheels from Pharaoh's army have been.  There is also an underwater land bridge there, where the children of Israel crossed when Yahweh parted the Red Sea.  You will also get to experience a ride down the Wadi-Watir, the very road the Israelites took out of Egypt!   Diving and snorkeling will be made available.

      On the way to Egypt, we will stop in the Judean wilderness, and see the remains that many believe is the ancient city of Gemorrah, where Yahweh rained down fire and brimstone (sulfur) from heaven.  You can actually retrieve sulfur balls still today.  There is also an outline what looks to be an ancient Sphinx covered in complete ash.  Our entire pilgrimage is solely based on Scriptural, historical, and archaeological evidence.  We will not tour any Catholic churches or tourist traps that so many guides will take you to.  We will also pass by the Valley of Ajelon, where David fought Goliath, and the Valley of Armageddon, where Solomen had his stables and Yahshua will fight the world's armies at His return.   One of the highlights of our trip will be a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee which is the very sea that Yahshua walked on and did many miracles.  We will also see Capernaum, and the ancient synagogue where He preached.  We are also going to visit Tel Dan, where an ancient altar has been found where the small golden calf was set up by the Israelites in the Northern Kingdom.  After this, you will get to experience a ride in the Golan Heights, and see the road to Damascus, where the Apostle Paul was struck down.  Plus, you will see many more exciting biblical places such as the Masada Fortress, Jordan River, Gideon Spring, and Mount Carmel where Elijah fought the priests of Baal, and many more.  Please act quickly as we have special airfare for those who sign up early, and special discounts.

      Make sure that you fill out an application for each family member who will be coming to the Feast.  Children under 2 are free except to applicable airport and visa taxes.  If you have children, please let us know, and we will try to get a special price for them where possible.  Make all checks payable to Congregation of YHWH..  Please write for full details.  Hope to see you this year in Jerusalem.

Congregation of YHWH
P.O. Box 832
Carteret, NJ 07008